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Profile of the Company

Registered office in Brno

The company ENETEX - KIA s.r.o. was established on 2.1.1995 under the name KIA ekologicka zarizeni, spol. s r. o. It is a part of an international partner ENETEX group together with other three companies ENETEX GmbH (FRG), ENETEX - TEP (CR), ENETEX - DES (CR), , reaching important position in its field in the Czech market.


The company ENETEX-KIA s.r.o. supplied the Czech market with as much as 60 units for liquidation of emissions, many unique technologies of mineral fibre melting and recycling and it also participated in putting the technological units with MAXON burners into operation.

Just from the very beginning of its activities the company specialises in two basic fields:

  • technologies for waste gas cleaning (emissions liquidation)
  • technologies of mineral fibre melting

Simultaneously, we arrange technical support and exclusive authorised service for American industrial gas burners MAXON.

All of our supplies include technical support, engineering, servicing in 24 hours and other related services.

In 2003 we extended our activities in lease of our own units.

Registered office in Brno

Permanent development activities, new experience from other realisations and corresponding professional growth of the ENETEX realisation team guarantee for the client to be provided with application of the newest technologies with high quality parameters. The realisation team also includes a stabilised and well approved range of subcontractors.



Division of Environmental Engineering
Masarykova 118
664 42 Brno-Modřice
Czech Republic

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