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Maxon, A Honeywell Company

Maxon (www.maxoncorp.com) is the largest supplier of industrial combustion equipment in the world just since 1916 with more than 80 years of tradition in this field. Long-term knowledge and know-how are available to industrial enterprises through a wide world distribution network.


ENETEX - KIA s.r.o. is the only authorised seller and service and technical representative of Maxon in the Czech Republic. Technicians of the company ENETEX - KIA annually pass demanding tests and a training series directly in the European headquarters of Maxon, which guarantees maximal technical and service support for clients in the Czech Republic.



  • Maxon, A Honeywell Company



Division of Environmental Engineering
Masarykova 118
664 42 Brno-Modřice
Czech Republic

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