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The most advantageous solution means that the equipment for cleaning of degas from cupolas is included directly into the production line of mineral wool. Together with trapping the dust elements and consequent final burning of carbon monoxide, it is possible for the combustion power to be used for process air pre-heating, as the temperature of 650°C or more can arrange significant heat savings in cupolas during melting.

Equipment optimisation, improved control and integrated visualisation allow its application even under significantly hardened conditions. Due to these reasons, the mineral wool producers prefer our equipment.


ENETEX cleaning equipment is characterised as follows:

  • Low fuel consumption
  • High regulation abilities in relation to the flow quantity, temperature and contents of combustible substances
  • Stable and excellent combustion in the whole regulation range
  • High efficiency of dust removal
  • Automatic and staff-free operation
  • Long-term service life and simple servicing


  • High input concentration in degas
  • CO contents in cleaned degas below 100mg/Nm3
  • Dust concentration in cleaned degas below 20mg/Nm3
  • Pre-heating of air for the furnace up to 700 °C
  • Integration of additional equipment for degas cooling with water, DeSOx and secondary use of waste heat

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