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Regenerative Thermal and Catalytic Combustion Equipment

RTNV - three-celullars system

ENETEX combustion systems with regeneration of heat contained in outlet cleaned degas. Heat efficiency up to 95% brings low consumption of supporting fuel with large volumes of exhausted air.

The ceramic bed accumulating heat under high temperatures in the combustion chamber guarantees long service life.

RKNV - two-celullars system

The combination of a catalytic converter with pre-heating of the inlet degas creates a really compact equipment working in auto-thermal operation just from low concentrations of organic substances - this is suitable in cases when it is not possible for gas supporting fuel to be used and under elimination of risk factors in case of degas.

As from 2003, new ceramic filling with low pressure resistance has been used, which brings significant savings in electric power consumption.


ENETEX combustion systems with heat regeneration are characterised as follows:

  • Low consumption of additional power
  • High regulation range of the unit (1:6)
  • Stable and excellent combustion in the whole regulation range
  • Automatic control system and staff-free operation
  • Long-term service life and non-demanding maintenance


  • Thermal or catalytic version
  • Use of waste gas with efficiency rate up to 95%
  • Auto-thermal operation as from 1,5 g/Nm3 hydrocarbons
  • Input concentration of pollutants up to 5g/Nm3
  • Short-term peaks up to 8g/Nm3

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