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ENETEX-TEP s.r.o. is a part of the ENETEX. The establishment of the company ENETEX-TEP extends and improves the quality of the complex of supplies and services of the whole group and new independent activities are established.

As from the date of its establishment the company ENETEX-TEP s.r.o. aims at supplies of electric drives of the company VA TECH ELIN EBG Elektronik GmbH as components of a specific technology and - taking into consideration the fact that the company is also engaged in design works - its employees can consult with you (in case of your interest) even the drive matters from the point of view of inclusion into a specific technology.


The company ENETEX-TEP is at your disposal in the following fields:

  • Consulting
    • calculations of mechanic characteristics of equipment with electric drives
    • studies of financial returns when using regulated drives in technological processes
  • Design
    • strong current projects, projects of control systems, M&R and Automatic systems of technological processes control
  • Supplies
    • electric regulated drives (frequency changers, start elements, synchronous servo drives)
    • control systems, measuring and regulation (sensors, probes)

ENETEX-TEP, s.r.o.
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Division of Environmental Engineering
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Czech Republic

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