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Depending on specific circumstances, the adsorption - as a method of pollutants liquidation - may be a good alternative of the oxidation methods. Taking into consideration the character of pollution, ENETEX offers:

  • Sorption in fixed bed
  • De-sorption in compact version with sorption
  • Continuous sorption and de-sorption with rotation adsorber
  • External de-sorption on own or leased equipment.

ENETEX will recommend the most suitable procedure, taking into consideration the operation and investment costs.


Characteristics of ENETEX adsorption systems:

  • Minimal efficiency is 75% for odour substances and 90% for standard solvents.
  • Low purchase costs and wide spectrum of use
  • Selection of adsorber type exactly made to measure of the environment and operation conditions
  • For staff-free and permanent operation
  • Chemical sorption - adsorption on chemically treated active coal for trapping various odour substances.

The adsorption equipment works on the basis of two principles:

  1. On the principle of reversible trapping of gaseous organic substances (standard solvents) on active surface. When reaching the level below the minimal efficiency rate, the exhausted filling is replaced with a new one or re-generation is performed.
  2. On the principle of non-reversible trapping of gaseous substances on active surface with the accompanying chemical reaction (chemical sorption). When reaching the level below the minimal efficiency rate, the exhausted filling is replaced with a new one. A specialised company performs liquidation of used fillings. Re-generation is impossible.

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