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Thermal Combustion Equipment - TNV

TNV - Thermal Combustion unit

ENETEX thermal combustion equipment guarantees - thanks to its advanced technical solutions - fulfilment of the most demanding emission limits with efficiency exceeding 99, 9%. An important characteristic point is high universality of use. Under temperatures usually reaching 700 - 800°C the organic pollutants oxidise to2O and CO2. Then, the oxidation temperature may reach up 1200°C for liquidation of pollutants with higher demands on temperature.


Characteristics of thermal combustion systems ENETEX:

  • High cleaning efficiency (> 99, 9%)
  • High utility efficiency in operation process
  • Efficient use of waste heat
  • Above-standard service life
  • Automatic operation
  • Simple servicing and maintenance
  • Compact construction form
  • Special version for degases with pre-set zone of explosion risk "0" or "1"


  • Compact version with integrated heat exchanger
  • Version with combustion chamber and additional exchangers
  • Combustion chamber with ceramic, heat-resistant filling
  • Possibility of using various sources of additional power
  • Possible combination with various dust filters, desulphurisation, deNOx, etc.
  • Non-stop operation

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