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Services and design

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ENETEX - KIA s.r.o. can arrange all the stages of realisation of events. From thorough professional analysis of a problem on the basis of long-term experience and operation tests, through selection of an optimal solution, construction, production and assemblage of the equipment, up to putting into operation.


ENETEX - KIA s.r.o. arranges not only realisation, but it also performs basic and detail engineering referring individual projects. It provides its clients with service and technical support not only in the course of the guarantee period, but also later, on the basis of service contracts.

Arrangement of authorised measuring of emissions and operation tests represents another important service.

In 2003 we extended our activities in lease of own units, operated at the client’s premises by our company or they can be leased to the client.



  • technical and service support
  • connection of supplied equipment, setting the parameters and putting into appropriate operation,
  • service activities seven days a week, 24 hours a day,
  • immediate service with interventions in 24 hours,
  • regular revision activities - regular controls of functionality and status of the equipment,
  • supplies of original spare parts and alternations,
  • software upgrade.



Division of Environmental Engineering
Masarykova 118
664 42 Brno-Modřice
Czech Republic

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